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60 Things to do instead of scrolling Social Media🤍

The internet provides an eternity of content to mindlessly scroll through but you don’t have to let it suck away all your time and energy and attention. If you want to do something else with your time here are 60 IDEAS of course, if you’re gonna scroll let’s try a couple of better ways to do that set yourself a time limit that you’ll actually stick to! Only look at a particular account that you know you like and you feel good scrolling through only scroll when you’re walking or standing because then you become very aware of time passing. De-clutter your following feed leave thoughtful comments instead of just likes or very generic comments that you don’t actually really think about go on pinterest. At least for me i find it a lot more relaxing than every other social media platform block or click not interested on anything you don’t really like fine tune that algorithm for yourself turn off endless scroll i know it’s not an option on every platform but if it is turn it off check your screen time it’s good to be aware and to hold yourself accountable turn off notifications because then you can’t get reminded to check things when you never really wanted to.
Clean your gallery like delete all those screenshots which was you took.
In the first place you can make those trendy beaded necklaces that i see everywhere by just buying beads and stringing them together crochet something if you’ve never done it before i think a hat or a scarf.
Write a poem or song lyrics. Anything just write something fun also you could write a letter to a pen pal and put some effort into decorating things nicely paint some decorations for your room even if you’re not very good at painting there are a lot of beginner options for slapping paint onto a canvas.
Try making a fancy tea or coffee drink or some other sort of beverage whatever you like to drink consider baking something cookies cake pastry whatever you’re capable of.
You can do photoshoot with your friends. I recommend checking out instagram or pinterest for some inspiration.
Embroider your backpack.
Make friendship bracelets maybe try
To decorate your room or just learn how to fold paper
Write a song maybe you can use the lyrics from that poem you finished earlier.
Or maybe if you know how to play an instrument you can play that and write a song knit a scarf
or any other project you like i just think a scarf or any other sort of rectangular thing is the easiest thing for a beginner to work on.
Tie dye a t-shirt there are a lot of great tutorials online and you can do a lot with any old whitet-shirts you have sitting around.
I’ve seen a lot of cool eclectic looking jewellery dishes going around and you can try making one of your own.
Using air dry clay cook yourself a meal maybe you’re already a master chef or maybe like me, you want to learn how to cook either way! It’s good to get some practice in and have something nice to eat at the end of it.
Print out some posters to decorate your walls pro tip.You can find higher resolution images on Google by going to the search tools option and then filtering by size.
Try putting together new outfits if you’re not going out. It’s a great time to experiment and document your favourite looks for later and the most dramatic!
You could try colouring your hair go with temporary or semi-permanent just in case you don’t like it though watch a documentary.
Watch documentaries on Netflix, it’s better than scrolling!
Use a language learning app to start or continue learning the language of your choice they’re great because they come with so many structured lessons. My favourite language learning apps are Duolingo & Memrise. I know they are not having all knowledge but these are best to start with!
Join an online course may be on Coursera or on skillshare!
Find a nice book to read. It doesn’t have to be non-fiction, it doesn’t have to be that educational but reading is fun! If you don’t want to go to the library in person, you can download books!
Maybe read a news article. It still allows you to scroll on your phone too but this time you are gaining something like learning new things, due to which your knowledge is also increasing!
Maybe read a magazine.
Watch a youtube tutorial for a new skill whatever you feel like would benefit your life at the moment like plumbing or something i don’t know
And you can search through the internet or cookbooks to find a new recipe to try.
Virtual museum tours are a great option always! A lot of museums made digital collections after covered hit and you can still explore museums around the world.
Just on the internet you can go thrifting as a more sustainable way to add to your wardrobe in person or online.
Go to a restaurant in your local area that you’ve never been to and get takeout if that’s necessary for your safety.
You can also explore the world in Google street view.
Plan a dream trip for your future.
Bringing it more local try something new at starbucks.
And staying home research your home city as if you were a tourist I know i spent my whole life under appreciating my home city but it’s actually not that boring and if you can go to one of those cool places that you find during your research.
do some stretching it’s not too strenuous and it is good for you.
You could go swimming.
Go for a run or jog it doesn’t have to be really fast take it easy maybe learn a dance!
Do a plank for about a minute or however long you can survive it for i know it’s not the funnest of times if you’re on your phone already.
Maybe open youtube and do a yoga video or you can do some other sort of workout video or go out for a bike ride.
Another more low impact way to get your cardio in and see the sights in your area or you can go out to hike even if you don’t have nice trails near you maybe you could just find a bit of a hillier route through your neighbourhood or to a local park.
Learn how to do a handstand. Please, don’t break your neck while doing this.
Talk to an old friend talk to a new friend.
Leave a thoughtful comment on the social media of one of your friends.
Leave a thoughtful reply to a story to start a conversation that way reach out to someone new, just say hi promise won’t be that awkward.
Talk to a family member or someone who is part of your chosen family. Facetime, call someone.
Play a group game with your friends maybe BGMI, free fire or township.
Compliment a stranger on the street or online whatever floats your boat wish someone happy birthday.
Colour code your Google calendar. It is so satisfying and genuinely helpful for keeping track of everything.
Try notion for digital planning and organizing it’s what i’ve been using since quitting planning on paper. Everything that’s in your backpack especially if you just finished a school year, there’s a lot of old papers in there that you can get rid of de-clutter.
Magic of tidying up book as well before you do that to de-clutter your digital space. You can delete unneeded files from your laptop, the download folder and desktop are two main areas to scope out clean out your photo library of duplicate photos or like random pictures and screenshots that you don’t need anymore.
Start a bullet journal, it’s a great method that works very well for many people.
Delete apps that you don’t use off of your phone because they’re just wasting storage space and slowing down your phone.
Deep clean your room that depression coating of random junk, it needs to go away and clean out your email inbox & get rid of those 10 000 unread messages by deleting and archiving them as needed.
Journaling is also very great fun because the way to have a conversation with yourself and document it here are a couple prompts, 10 things that you want in your future, they don’t have to be physical things, they can be like concepts like i want to be happy, make a vision board a kind of visual representation of the things that you want in your future.
Write about what you did today and you can include some pictures and mementos and other things to help you document the happenings of your life. Check in with your current thoughts and feelings this is something i’ve been working on! I’m not very good at it so it’s all right if you find this hard, write about your regrets from yesterday, from three months ago, from your entire lifetime.
You can write some affirmations this means positive statements that you want to repeat over and over to yourself until you maybe finally actually believe them.
Write down your goals for the next month, year, five years, decade, your entire life.
Think about what does happiness mean to you.
Write a letter to your future self or write a letter to your past self.
Play games with friends like solving puzzles or township.
Draw a mandala which will help you to resolve your thoughts.
Meditate for 10min daily.
At last, don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have in your life, so write 5 things you’re grateful for today!
Thank you so much for reading this post till the end!
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How to stay focused & productive!

We’ve really been through almost couple year of online school, i’m probably going to graduate from college over zoom! I’ve just resigned myself to this terrible lifestyle but there are a couple of ways to make it better, hehe! Today i’m going to be sharing with you a couple of hacks just like tips in general about how to stay focused and pay attention and not be distracted and unproductive!
I promise these are going to be unique and genuinely helpful hacks and not just the basic like find a quiet place to study so enough of me complaining let’s just jump right in!!!

  1. Activity Remember: My first tip and the one i’ve generally found the most helpful for me is to have a designated mindless fidgeting activity remember. Back in when fidget spinners were a thing yeah i used to think those were annoying as hell because every single middle school boy was just with them and making them a huge distraction instead of actually using them as the helpful focus tool that they were designed for for people with other attention disorders anyways just finding something like that a mindless activity that allows you to get energy out in a physical form while you’re trying to focus your mental energy can be really helpful i find that i only go on my phone because i want something to do with my hands but the phone is not a great distraction to go for because it inevitably ends up distracting your brain as well instead i’ve been replacing that with crocheting my mindless activity of choice during in person classes i actually used to make friendship bracelets in class you might not want to do crafts in the middle of your class though so maybe you could have a fidget spinner a fidget cube or maybe like a jar of play-doh or a stress ball this was a thing in elementary school where you could make a little squishy ball out of all of your eraser shavings and i found that really relaxing and relieving to squish in class regardless of which activity you pick I recommend finding some way to expend that distracted searching around for something to do energy without actually allowing your mind to drift away from your classwork.
  2. Attend lectures carefully: Tip two even if you have recorded lectures i would still generally recommend you attend the synchronous lectures. Yes! i know that sounds annoying as hell and if you live in a different time zone from the time zone that your professors are broadcasting from and you have to wake up at 3am to attend lecture just like maybe don’t but for the rest of us just like go when you can i find that when i’m watching a recording i’m far more likely to get sidetracked because in the back of my mind i’m just thinking, oh it’s okay if i just stop right now go do that other thing take care of this, other distraction because i can always just come back and rewind to the point that i didn’t pay attention to spoiler alert you are not going to do that but even if you do you’re still wasting your time because you have to watch for an extra amount of time on top of the amount you already watched the first time so maybe just go to the zoom call especially because it allows you to do two other things that will help you stay focused one of which is to turn your camera on! Yes i know, it’s super awkward and especially a problem if your wi-fi speed just sucks it makes zoom crash and everything so like take this tip with a grain of salt a little bit of spice that gif of that guy doing the salt things. First of all your teacher or professor will probably be kind of grateful that they have like real people to lecture to instead of just speaking into the void like i’m doing right now and it introduces that sense of social pressure and social accountability that usually will make you actually pay attention in a real live class like when i think about why don’t i just go on my phone and do nothing in the middle of a lecture hall sure i want to say it’s because i’m a good student and i wouldn’t get distracted i pay attention to the intellectual things but like it’s realistically because everyone in the row behind me can see it if i’m going on youtube and similarly having your camera on even though you can kind of sort of hide when you’re going on a different tab it still makes it feel like everyone can see what you’re doing. I honestly feel like most of the things we do in person that we just can’t seem to do online are motivated by this sense of social pressure so manufacture your own artificial social pressure another thing i recommend you do is actually participating in class whether that be asking questions typing things in the chat answering the poll questions or just like smiling and nodding along when your teacher asks thetorical questions or makes a dumb joke because one your teacher will like you a little bit more and maybe they’ll be a little bit more lenient in grading you and it also feels like your teacher and your fellow students know you’re there and start to kind of expect you to be there turning your camera off and not giving any indication that you’ve ever been there at all can kind of feel a lot easier than subjecting yourself to like participating but it starts to make the learning experience which should be pretty interactive feel like one of those massive online open courses like courser which have significantly lower completion rates than like an actual university course for a reason because there isn’t that social pressure to show up and pay attention but on the opposite end of all these tips you might also consider not going to class and just watching the recordings on a slightly different speed this tip might be really helpful for you if one your professor just is the real slim shady and is speaking at a thousand miles per hour or conversely it can be super helpful if you’re a professor okay i don’t want to be like ageist but it’s definitely old professors who do this who talk at this pace and it’s just not possible to pay attention when they’re talking that slowly that’s why i find podcasts so much easier to listen to and pay attention to when they’re on 1.25 times speed or sometimes 1.5 times speed maybe you have my video on two times speed right now although i’d be very impressed if you could listen along and still understand everything at two times speed so doing the same thing to your lectures can just make it that much easier to follow along.
  3. Try to study in new place: This next tip is one of those more basic, try to study in a new place that you only associate with studying in school work if you can a lot of the reason we’re much better at focusing in a classroom or a library or a cafĂ© is because we’ve psychologically conditioned ourselves to associate these locations with being on focus and productivity mode whereas almost all of us have spent our entire lives conditioning ourselves to view our bedrooms or kitchens as places of relaxation and fun not necessarily being in a focus mindset picking a new spot whether that be just another desk in another room or maybe going outside to a park and then training yourself to view that as a new focused space can be pretty helpful.
  4. Taking short walks: Another related tip is to take a little short walk before each class one it kind of simulates that experience of like walking to class and just playing those sort of mind games with myself kind of helps convince me that i’m not just sitting in my room all day and that i’m actually going to class especially if you don’t have enough space to do the previous tip of making a new spot exclusively for studying it can be a kind of smaller trick to recontextualize yourself!
  5. Study outdoors if you can: And my last context related tip is to study outdoors if you can although maybe this tip is very much like me living in social and thinking that everyone can go outside at this time of year. Let me know in the comments if you would either burn to death or freeze to death if you went outside. Right now it is a friendly way to be somewhere besides your house and being in a semi-public space like a park or a cafĂ© which is where kind of increases that social pressure like as if you were studying at a library or cafĂ© even though there’s not the same level of pressure as there is in a lecture hall or classroom where like people know that you’re supposed to be learning it still kind of feels like oh if i’m just sitting on my phone while i have an essay open on my laptop the people walking by are going to be like what the heck is she doing why isn’t she doing her schoolwork or maybe that’s just my social anxiety talking but like it kind of makes me pay attention to class more so ask not what you can do for anxiety but what anxiety can do for you!
  6. Watch lectures in Full screen mode: Something else you can do for both zoom classes and recorded video lectures is to go in full screen mode i know this seems a little bit like stupid and like huh but having it on full screen mode means it takes you an extra click to go on another tab and just increasing the amount of effort it takes you to get distracted is helpful these tiny tiny barriers just take advantage of your laziness whenever possible and we are all biologically built to be lazy and expend as little energy as possible so take advantage of that when you can another way to take advantage of your laziness is to put anything that’s distracting very very far away from you as far as you can possibly get it for instance just throw your phone across the room okay maybe don’t do that because replacing your phone screen is ungodly expensive but you know just like put your phone or your other distracting objects like on the other side of the room once i’m sitting down at my desk and watching my lecture do i really want to get up to go get my phone is it worth it? No! Who wants to get up?
  7. Take paper notes: Another thing i recommend is to take paper notes instead of typing on your laptop or you could use an ipad but the gist is to have a separation between the device you use to look at the lecture and what you’re writing on to take notes that way it removes the need for you to minimize or exit your lecture and go on another tab to write things down and therefore decreases the level of temptation you might feel to just open another little background tab and like go on pinterest and last but not least another kind of basic tip but something that is very very useful is to find an app or chrome extension that will block your access to distracting apps and websites for example i use flora which is free on my phone and i use the forest chrome extension this way you only have to use a very brief instant of willpower to just start the timer and then after that you don’t have to exercise any of your limited willpower juice because it just eliminates the option so those are all of my tips for today! If you have any other hacks that you’ve discovered please leave those in the comments i’m sure many of us could benefit from those and you can check out my instagram for motivational & inspirational content, I post daily ! yay!
    Anyways see you next time!!!!

Love, Sonal❤

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How to take notes faster!

Hey guys!
Today I’m going to be talking about how to take notes faster. If your teacher posts lecture slides or other notes online before class, print them out. You can take notes on these instead of starting from scratch and needing to write down all of the information. Instead of writing down what your teacher says word-for-word, Summarise the information and write only the key ideas. You’ll have to write less and this also helps you learn the information better because you’re actually understanding it instead of just copying it. There are some super complicated shorthand systems out there but I think making up your own symbol and abbreviation system is the most effective because you’ll remember it and it’ll make more sense to you.
Here are some examples of symbols and abbreviations that I use. For certain topics, there are also words that you use a lot, for example in these notes I use the word “Renaissance” a lot because that’s the main topic. Instead of writing out these words over and over, make up your own abbreviation for it then write a note on your notes so that you know what it means when you’re reviewing later. Sometimes you just have to type, otherwise you can’t get all the information down If your teachers allow laptops in class, consider typing your notes because typing is a lot faster than hand-writing . Typing is the main reason for using a laptop But if you ever want to draw diagrams or write notes digitally, you can use ipad and you just need to learn to write faster. There are some wild strategies out there for writing faster, but I feel like they take too long to master during this school year. One way to write faster is to use smoother pens. In general, rollerball pens are the smoothest, and then gel, then ballpoint and Felt-tip tend to be the least smooth. Besides changing your supplies, the only way I know of to increase your writing speed is to just practice a lot. In most cases, rewriting notes is a waste of time But if you write so quickly that your notes are practically unreadable, You should rewrite them as soon as possible while you still remember most of the information in it from class. To maximize the effectiveness of your rewriting, make sure you’re organizing and clarifying the information while you transcribe them into legible writing.
I hope you found this post helpful! See you next time!

Love Sonal❤

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How to create a productive workspace!

Hi guys!
Today, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to create a productive workspace.
Tip 1 : If it’s possible within the space you have choose one space that’s dedicated only to working. This way your mind will associate the spot with studying, doing work or just focusing in general That way it’ll be easier for you to slip into the focused mindset whenever you sit down there.

Tip 2: Use natural lighting whenever it’s possible natural sunlight has a lot of health benefits Like vitamin D And helping you sleep, and it also increases productivity. If you can’t use natural lighting for example if you’re studying at night Make sure your space is well-lit with a lamp. That way you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Tip 3: Use vertical storage whenever possible this way everything is easy to access. It’s a lot harder to pull things out of the bottom of a stack Versus just taking things out in your vertical storage method The goal is to reduce the difficulty for you to get what you need Because we’re all lazy and want to take the path of least resistance So you want to create as little resistance as possible between you and the supplies you need Going along with that you should also have all of your necessities within arm’s reach .

Tip 4: Again, to create less resistance My 4th tip would be to use a standing desk. This isn’t possible for everyone, but if you can I definitely recommend using one standing desks are shown to increase productivity and there are a lot of health benefits. Another way to make you more physically comfortable is to have a comfortable chair at a good height be especially mindful of the computer height because you don’t want to hurt your neck and back when you’re craning over to look at your computer.

Tip 5: Tip 5th is to keep a water bottle nearby. This way you can stay hydrated because it’s hard to focus if you’re dehydrated because your mind won’t be working as well as usual.

Tip 6: Remove distractions, for example turn off notifications on your phone. You can do this using the Do Not Disturb mode and put your phone far away so it’s hard for you to go get it but the goal is to make it hard for you to get distracted because again We’re all lazy and don’t want to go out of our way.

Tip 7: Remove clutter- Visual clutter will take up space in your mind even if you don’t think it does by removing the clutter it’ll be easier for you to focus and it’ll be easier for you to find the supplies that you need because there aren’t piles of junk all over your desk.

Tip 8: Keep your to-do list, calendar or planner nearby. This way it’s easy for you to know what you need to do that way you can actually do it.

Tip 9: Control the noise that’s in your study space. I personally prefer silence, but when there’s a lot of noise outside, use noise cancellation earphones.

Tip 10: My last tip is to use essential oils and a diffuser to create scents that will promote productivity. So lavender essential oil can help you relax and peppermint & citrus can wake you up which can help increase your focus.

I hope you found this post helpful And be sure to check out the resources that I have linked in the description.
See you next time!
Love, Sonal❤

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How to have a productive day!

Hey guys, in this blog I’ll be giving you tips on how to have a productive day.
The first step is to plan the day before. Because when you think about the future, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to be super productive and get all of these things done. But on the other hand, when you plan the day of when you’re actually facing those tasks head-on, the procrastination mindset tends to kick in and you feel like planning nothing because you don’t want to do anything. So how do you actually do this planning? My main tip is to schedule tasks instead of just having a to-do list. The way to do this is first by listing out all of the tasks that you have to do along with any events that you have. Then for each task list out how long you think it would take you to complete the task. It’s better to overestimate than underestimate in this case. Then finally, schedule everything out – this can be done in your planner. Or, I have a printable specifically designed for this purpose Which I will link in the description. The order in which you schedule tasks really depends on your personal preference, but I have two tips about how to schedule. Number one, schedule the things that take the most willpower to complete during the times of day when you’re the most motivated and energetic. This tends to be at the beginning of your working period or it also depends on what time of day you work the best. Tip two, if you plan to exercise, schedule it earlier in the day. This way it will get your blood pumping and you’ll be more focused throughout the rest of the day. Before you start, do your best to have a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast or snack. Also, try to get all of your supplies ready beforehand. This way you don’t have to interrupt your workflow to go get something. When you are working make sure you take breaks regularly. One popular method is the Pomodoro method which is 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest. Another time interval that I personally like is 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest, for a longer chunk of focused work. The time intervals that you use depend on your personal working style, but do make sure you take breaks because you don’t want to burn out, and you don’t want your hand to cramp up from all the writing that you have to do. Something else that really helps is blocking out distractions. There are plenty of apps that will allow you to block certain distracting sites on your laptop. And I know I mentioned the app forest a lot, but it really does help to stop you from using your phone. If you’d like more tips about staying focused and avoiding procrastination,
I hope you found this post helpful, and if you’d like more tips And I post daily on my Tumblr, twitter and instagram so don’t forget to follow me there!!
See you next time!
Love, Sonal❤

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How to stay focused!

Hey guys! In this today’s post I’ll be giving you my tips on how to stay focused the method that works the best for me is to keep a distraction to-do list which is a list of what I get distracted by so normally when I get distracted I want to go do something else and I’m afraid that I’ll forget to go do that thing if I don’t do it right this second So I’ll write down that to-do list so I feel like I’ll remember it and I can get back to it later Instead of being distracted from the task at hand of course “later” is quite arbitrary So it helps to set when that “later” will be by taking breaks regularly you can do this with the Pomodoro method, which is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest or a 50:10 rule which is like the same.
Another way to improve your focus is to just work on one thing at a time and make it very clear exactly what that is It’s almost impossible to aim at a target if you don’t know what you’re aiming to do also working on just one topic or task at a time will help you get into the flow for that specific thing. The way to do this is first to make a to-do list. Then break down the bigger tasks on your to-do list into smaller things so for example writing your paper becomes choose your topic make an outline write your thesis and so on after you’ve made your to-do list. The way to choose what to do first is to prioritize. I recommend doing the hardest things first when you have the most energy and motivation.
My third tip is do not multitask you might think that you’re being more efficient, but multitasking really is impossible. Research shows that we can only handle one thing at a time. Instead of multitasking you’re actually just very quickly switching between the two tasks. This also has a switching cost meaning you’re spending more effort on just switching between the tasks which reduces your efficiency overall so the practical application of course is don’t do two things at the same time, but also don’t play movies shows YouTube videos or podcasts in the background while you’re working.
Another 4th tip is to clean up your workspace as the visual clutter around you will distract your mind. Even if you don’t notice it I have a video about how to create a productive workspace, which I will link in the cards somewhere.
Tip 5 seems very obvious, but it’s surprising how effective this is if you actually implement it and this is to get rid of distractions so turn off notifications on your phone. Use noise cancelling headphones to prevent noises around you from distracting you. I find that one of my main obstacles to getting things done is that I start thinking that it’s not good enough. So I just stop doing it a mindset shift. That’s really helped me is to not criticize until I’ve finished. For example having a bad draft down on a paper is still better than having nothing – editing is much easier than actually doing something so getting it all out on the first go and then going back to fix things is overall pretty efficient. In order for your mind to be focused and working at its maximum potential. You also have to take care of your body in order to have a healthy mind before studying. You can do some quick exercises to get your blood moving and to clear your mind. Also, make sure you’re hydrated and well fed with some healthy snacks try to get a good night’s sleep each night. But if you’re really tired have a 20-minute power nap. Also make sure you look up from your computer screen and look at something in the distance every once in a while so you can relax your eyes. There are some things you can do to improve your focus Long-term as focus is like stamina and it’s also like a muscle that can be built up one way to do. This is to meditate. But it’s become a lot more accessible recently if you do a google search you can find Some great apps or videos that will teach you how to meditate. Another way is to read or listen to audiobooks . These are both ways to get you to focus on something for a while so that you can get used to actually focusing!
I hope you found this video helpful and let us know in the comments if you can have any other tips.
See you next time!

Love, Sonal❤

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Terrible study habits you should stop doing rn!

Hey guy’s, I know I know you should be thinking what am I going to tell you about study habits n all, but you should know that every person has flaws and every student has bad habits but in today’s post I’m going to tell you how you can stop doing it and improve yourself! I don’t want to discourage you from studying! It’s pretty much always a good idea no matter how you do it but some methods are better than others some study methods will actively harm your ability to remember things and some just aren’t as effective as they could be! Not as great of a use of your very limited time if you do some of the things that i say are not to do and you find that they work for you that’s no big different things work for different people, obviously!
This blogpost is just based off of research and my personal experiences talking with people i know about what works best for most people not necessarily all people but if you’re a little bit lost this most people direction. Will hopefully offer you some helpful guidance without any delay, let’s get started!

1.Setting clear goals: The first mistake is forgetting to set clear goals and concrete plans ideally you don’t want to view studying as this endless slog to just get through every day there’s an end goal which is to master a certain amount of knowledge and goals are important because you need to know where you’re going so that you can clearly chart a path to get there which makes it more efficient for you to arrive at your final destination than to just aimlessly wonder around not knowing where you’re going and to apply that to studying you need to know what you need to know so that you can pick your study methods and organize your information accordingly instead of doing this aimless time wasting wandering around just pick a goal and set up a plan for it the way i recommend laying out a study plan is first making a general outline of everything you need to know and then planning which day or week you’ll do each of those topics if you want more details i’ll put another blog about and let’s move on to the next
bad study habit.

2. Avoid Multitasking: The next mistake i would avoid is multitasking which is any sort of attempt to do multiple things at the same time for example maybe like listening to a lecture while reading a book even some background noise like having the tv on in the background or listening to music while you study can be too much of a distraction at times the thing about multitasking is that no matter how much you believe you’re successfully doing two things at the same time to maximize your hours in a day like you can’t physically multitask so you’re just switching between the two tasks as quickly as you can there’s a lot of research that shows that you know the brain can’t handle that many signals going in and that many signals going out at the same time and for that reason multitasking is generally not that effective you’re not putting your full effort and focus into doing one thing a hundred percent well and even if you somehow are able to do both of these tasks quite effectively you’re still being less efficient than you could be because it takes your brain extra effort to keep doing that switching back and forth rather than just focusing on one thing at one time doing the switch only one time and then working on the second task instead of trying to do so many things at the same time just do one at a time i promise with the level of increased efficiency you’ll have from single tasking you’ll be saving time and doing better work than if you were multitasking in the first place and concerning background noise when it comes to studying try to study incomplete silence but if you can’t do that i would recommend some sort of ambient noise or music with no words that is not too distracting.

3.Re-reading or Passive studying methods: The next mistake is re-reading or other passive studying methods this includes things like re-reading your notes or textbook or just recopying notes without really thinking about it yes something like re-highlighting rewriting your notes is aesthetically pleasing and quite easy to do but that’s the problem it’s way too easy and training your brain to solve certain problems or remember certain information takes a certain amount of struggle kind of like working out a muscle simply being able to recognize the information just look at it and think hey i’ve seen that before maybe i know that is not the same as being able to recall it in a situation where you know you’re asked a question and you’re just given a blank page being able to recall all of the information from scratch is the skill you’re actually going to be tested on on an exam so make sure you’re working on that skill by using active studying
methods instead of relying on easier but less effective passive techniques some examples of active studying techniques are things like flashcards or practice tests or teaching a friend if you’d like to learn more about effective study methods which are generally active studying methods i have a video about my top 10 studying tips which i will link in the cards here it’s been too long since i filmed a video i don’t remember where the cards are anymore i think it’s this side. Something else to avoid is only doing what’s easy like i get it we’ve all been there it’s really comforting and you know easy to just keep redoing that easy thing that you already know! For example for math, one thing i kind of did when i was feeling lazy, was just keep running through that one really easy type of problem that i knew! for sure that i could do instead of struggling to figure out a harder one. In this sort of case, where you will be tested on everything regardless of whether or not you are willfully ignoring it. Ignorance is not bliss to go back to that analogy of working out. You will strengthen your brain and your knowledge by doing those things that are outside of your comfort zone just like how, when you’re working out, you wouldn’t want to keep redoing the same weight over and over that & you’ve already gotten used to the real way to strengthen your muscles is to add on some more to the point of discomfort focusing on patching over your weak points will help you get better scores because you know your weak points are probably what makes up that differential between the score you got and the score you want to get and it’s just a lot more efficient to focus your time and energy on fixing up the things that need fixing instead of wasting time on fixing things that literally do not need to be fixed so instead of redoing easy problems identify what you struggle with and focus on that topic. The way i recommend identifying these weak points is taking a full practice exam such as you know free tests that are available online or maybe an old version of your professor’s midterm and take a close look at what you tend to get wrong maybe it’s a certain topic or type of question.

4. Studying in your bed: The next mistake is studying in your bed, psychologically the context in which we learn something and practice, recalling it, is very important to our abilities to perform well on assessments. Studies have shown that if you learn the information and study in the same location as the place you are going to take the test such as in the same classroom at the same desk you’ll do better on that test so in the context of studying and especially in the age of online learning it’s important to pick and stick to a good study spot the ways that our brains have conditioned ourselves to associate certain states of mind or emotions with certain locations is also an important factor to take into account if you decide to study in your bed! The thing about being in your bed is that generally we’ve conditioned ourselves to feel sleepy and perhaps fall asleep when we’re in bed so no matter how much you think you will be focused and productive while doing your schoolwork in bed, it’s really hard to override those years and years of conditioning that have trained you to just be drowsy , so honestly it’s far too likely that you will either be completely unfocused or just straight up fall asleep especially if you’re studying late at night ! Instead i recommend you pick a good study spot and make it a nice place to study as previously mentioned the purpose of sticking to one study spot is that it kind of conditions you into activating that focus mode, whenever you’re in a particular location. I also recommend optimizing the spot to be a good spot to study by making sure distractions like your phone or the tv are far away and making sure that study essentials like paper and pens are close by and just make it comfortable you know that physical comfort is probably why you might gravitate toward your bed in the first place so maybe add a cushion to your chair, have some warm blankets! you can even lay down a yoga mat on your floor, so you can lie face first not something that i ever do making your study spot a comfy and nice place to be will make you more eager to be there and therefore, hopefully more eager to study!

5. Not giving up easily: Last but not least something to quit as soon as possible is refusing to seek help! Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a good idea to start off by working through your difficulties individually and look for resources by yourself, that way you don’t get overly dependent on anybody else but at a certain point, it might be time to acknowledge that you do actually need outside help and from a real person not just google or hank green people like your teachers! A tutor or a study group you know they all have actual knowledge that they can help share with you and the benefit compared to the internet is that you can actually interact with them and have, this sort of back and forth exchange to clarify your understanding usually my rule of thumb is, if i’m stuck on a problem for longer than 15 minutes or if it’s just some sort of misunderstanding that i just literally have zero knowledge on i’ll just go ask for help! It’s all well and good for me a random stranger on the internet to tell you hey, you should go ask for help but,
in practice it is very very hard to actually do that and there are a couple of different mental roadblocks as far as asking for help those that i can help you to try to work through one of them might be pride and i can assure you right now that there is no shame in needing help literally every single person including the smartest people in the world, nobel prize winners!
My professors like everyone collaborates with other people in order to have the best possible understanding of what they need to know doing something that is so difficult that you decide you need outside guidance is a sign that you’re challenging yourself that you’re being brave and going outside of your comfort zone! It doesn’t mean that you don’t know enough or that you’re not smart enough, it just means you know certain things, other people know certain things and they can teach you the things that they know that you don’t know! Yet another problem that you might run into that was my main issue is being way too shy. The thing you want to remember is that people generally want to help you teachers and those are generally very nice helpful people, sometimes you might run into a few bad apples that are just rude and not fun to be around but those are the bad apples not to the entire bunch! These people picked their job as an educator as someone whose literal profession is helping students, learn for a reason, because they want to help students learn and it’s generally the same with friends and classmates as well just think about how if someone asked you for help within reason you’d generally be excited or at least willing to help them out and the majority of people feel the same way that you do so don’t be afraid and don’t be too proud to go ask for help when you need it !

I hope you found this post helpful and if you feel kind of called out because you do a few of these things i know i definitely still do a few of these things.

Today’s the day you can start making incremental changes to your habits one by one!

Love, Sonal🤍