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60 Things to do instead of scrolling Social Media🤍

The internet provides an eternity of content to mindlessly scroll through but you don’t have to let it suck away all your time and energy and attention. If you want to do something else with your time here are 60 IDEAS of course, if you’re gonna scroll let’s try a couple of better ways to do that set yourself a time limit that you’ll actually stick to! Only look at a particular account that you know you like and you feel good scrolling through only scroll when you’re walking or standing because then you become very aware of time passing. De-clutter your following feed leave thoughtful comments instead of just likes or very generic comments that you don’t actually really think about go on pinterest. At least for me i find it a lot more relaxing than every other social media platform block or click not interested on anything you don’t really like fine tune that algorithm for yourself turn off endless scroll i know it’s not an option on every platform but if it is turn it off check your screen time it’s good to be aware and to hold yourself accountable turn off notifications because then you can’t get reminded to check things when you never really wanted to.
Clean your gallery like delete all those screenshots which was you took.
In the first place you can make those trendy beaded necklaces that i see everywhere by just buying beads and stringing them together crochet something if you’ve never done it before i think a hat or a scarf.
Write a poem or song lyrics. Anything just write something fun also you could write a letter to a pen pal and put some effort into decorating things nicely paint some decorations for your room even if you’re not very good at painting there are a lot of beginner options for slapping paint onto a canvas.
Try making a fancy tea or coffee drink or some other sort of beverage whatever you like to drink consider baking something cookies cake pastry whatever you’re capable of.
You can do photoshoot with your friends. I recommend checking out instagram or pinterest for some inspiration.
Embroider your backpack.
Make friendship bracelets maybe try
To decorate your room or just learn how to fold paper
Write a song maybe you can use the lyrics from that poem you finished earlier.
Or maybe if you know how to play an instrument you can play that and write a song knit a scarf
or any other project you like i just think a scarf or any other sort of rectangular thing is the easiest thing for a beginner to work on.
Tie dye a t-shirt there are a lot of great tutorials online and you can do a lot with any old whitet-shirts you have sitting around.
I’ve seen a lot of cool eclectic looking jewellery dishes going around and you can try making one of your own.
Using air dry clay cook yourself a meal maybe you’re already a master chef or maybe like me, you want to learn how to cook either way! It’s good to get some practice in and have something nice to eat at the end of it.
Print out some posters to decorate your walls pro tip.You can find higher resolution images on Google by going to the search tools option and then filtering by size.
Try putting together new outfits if you’re not going out. It’s a great time to experiment and document your favourite looks for later and the most dramatic!
You could try colouring your hair go with temporary or semi-permanent just in case you don’t like it though watch a documentary.
Watch documentaries on Netflix, it’s better than scrolling!
Use a language learning app to start or continue learning the language of your choice they’re great because they come with so many structured lessons. My favourite language learning apps are Duolingo & Memrise. I know they are not having all knowledge but these are best to start with!
Join an online course may be on Coursera or on skillshare!
Find a nice book to read. It doesn’t have to be non-fiction, it doesn’t have to be that educational but reading is fun! If you don’t want to go to the library in person, you can download books!
Maybe read a news article. It still allows you to scroll on your phone too but this time you are gaining something like learning new things, due to which your knowledge is also increasing!
Maybe read a magazine.
Watch a youtube tutorial for a new skill whatever you feel like would benefit your life at the moment like plumbing or something i don’t know
And you can search through the internet or cookbooks to find a new recipe to try.
Virtual museum tours are a great option always! A lot of museums made digital collections after covered hit and you can still explore museums around the world.
Just on the internet you can go thrifting as a more sustainable way to add to your wardrobe in person or online.
Go to a restaurant in your local area that you’ve never been to and get takeout if that’s necessary for your safety.
You can also explore the world in Google street view.
Plan a dream trip for your future.
Bringing it more local try something new at starbucks.
And staying home research your home city as if you were a tourist I know i spent my whole life under appreciating my home city but it’s actually not that boring and if you can go to one of those cool places that you find during your research.
do some stretching it’s not too strenuous and it is good for you.
You could go swimming.
Go for a run or jog it doesn’t have to be really fast take it easy maybe learn a dance!
Do a plank for about a minute or however long you can survive it for i know it’s not the funnest of times if you’re on your phone already.
Maybe open youtube and do a yoga video or you can do some other sort of workout video or go out for a bike ride.
Another more low impact way to get your cardio in and see the sights in your area or you can go out to hike even if you don’t have nice trails near you maybe you could just find a bit of a hillier route through your neighbourhood or to a local park.
Learn how to do a handstand. Please, don’t break your neck while doing this.
Talk to an old friend talk to a new friend.
Leave a thoughtful comment on the social media of one of your friends.
Leave a thoughtful reply to a story to start a conversation that way reach out to someone new, just say hi promise won’t be that awkward.
Talk to a family member or someone who is part of your chosen family. Facetime, call someone.
Play a group game with your friends maybe BGMI, free fire or township.
Compliment a stranger on the street or online whatever floats your boat wish someone happy birthday.
Colour code your Google calendar. It is so satisfying and genuinely helpful for keeping track of everything.
Try notion for digital planning and organizing it’s what i’ve been using since quitting planning on paper. Everything that’s in your backpack especially if you just finished a school year, there’s a lot of old papers in there that you can get rid of de-clutter.
Magic of tidying up book as well before you do that to de-clutter your digital space. You can delete unneeded files from your laptop, the download folder and desktop are two main areas to scope out clean out your photo library of duplicate photos or like random pictures and screenshots that you don’t need anymore.
Start a bullet journal, it’s a great method that works very well for many people.
Delete apps that you don’t use off of your phone because they’re just wasting storage space and slowing down your phone.
Deep clean your room that depression coating of random junk, it needs to go away and clean out your email inbox & get rid of those 10 000 unread messages by deleting and archiving them as needed.
Journaling is also very great fun because the way to have a conversation with yourself and document it here are a couple prompts, 10 things that you want in your future, they don’t have to be physical things, they can be like concepts like i want to be happy, make a vision board a kind of visual representation of the things that you want in your future.
Write about what you did today and you can include some pictures and mementos and other things to help you document the happenings of your life. Check in with your current thoughts and feelings this is something i’ve been working on! I’m not very good at it so it’s all right if you find this hard, write about your regrets from yesterday, from three months ago, from your entire lifetime.
You can write some affirmations this means positive statements that you want to repeat over and over to yourself until you maybe finally actually believe them.
Write down your goals for the next month, year, five years, decade, your entire life.
Think about what does happiness mean to you.
Write a letter to your future self or write a letter to your past self.
Play games with friends like solving puzzles or township.
Draw a mandala which will help you to resolve your thoughts.
Meditate for 10min daily.
At last, don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have in your life, so write 5 things you’re grateful for today!
Thank you so much for reading this post till the end!
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