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How to stay focused!

Hey guys! In this today’s post I’ll be giving you my tips on how to stay focused the method that works the best for me is to keep a distraction to-do list which is a list of what I get distracted by so normally when I get distracted I want to go do something else and I’m afraid that I’ll forget to go do that thing if I don’t do it right this second So I’ll write down that to-do list so I feel like I’ll remember it and I can get back to it later Instead of being distracted from the task at hand of course “later” is quite arbitrary So it helps to set when that “later” will be by taking breaks regularly you can do this with the Pomodoro method, which is 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest or a 50:10 rule which is like the same.
Another way to improve your focus is to just work on one thing at a time and make it very clear exactly what that is It’s almost impossible to aim at a target if you don’t know what you’re aiming to do also working on just one topic or task at a time will help you get into the flow for that specific thing. The way to do this is first to make a to-do list. Then break down the bigger tasks on your to-do list into smaller things so for example writing your paper becomes choose your topic make an outline write your thesis and so on after you’ve made your to-do list. The way to choose what to do first is to prioritize. I recommend doing the hardest things first when you have the most energy and motivation.
My third tip is do not multitask you might think that you’re being more efficient, but multitasking really is impossible. Research shows that we can only handle one thing at a time. Instead of multitasking you’re actually just very quickly switching between the two tasks. This also has a switching cost meaning you’re spending more effort on just switching between the tasks which reduces your efficiency overall so the practical application of course is don’t do two things at the same time, but also don’t play movies shows YouTube videos or podcasts in the background while you’re working.
Another 4th tip is to clean up your workspace as the visual clutter around you will distract your mind. Even if you don’t notice it I have a video about how to create a productive workspace, which I will link in the cards somewhere.
Tip 5 seems very obvious, but it’s surprising how effective this is if you actually implement it and this is to get rid of distractions so turn off notifications on your phone. Use noise cancelling headphones to prevent noises around you from distracting you. I find that one of my main obstacles to getting things done is that I start thinking that it’s not good enough. So I just stop doing it a mindset shift. That’s really helped me is to not criticize until I’ve finished. For example having a bad draft down on a paper is still better than having nothing – editing is much easier than actually doing something so getting it all out on the first go and then going back to fix things is overall pretty efficient. In order for your mind to be focused and working at its maximum potential. You also have to take care of your body in order to have a healthy mind before studying. You can do some quick exercises to get your blood moving and to clear your mind. Also, make sure you’re hydrated and well fed with some healthy snacks try to get a good night’s sleep each night. But if you’re really tired have a 20-minute power nap. Also make sure you look up from your computer screen and look at something in the distance every once in a while so you can relax your eyes. There are some things you can do to improve your focus Long-term as focus is like stamina and it’s also like a muscle that can be built up one way to do. This is to meditate. But it’s become a lot more accessible recently if you do a google search you can find Some great apps or videos that will teach you how to meditate. Another way is to read or listen to audiobooks . These are both ways to get you to focus on something for a while so that you can get used to actually focusing!
I hope you found this video helpful and let us know in the comments if you can have any other tips.
See you next time!

Love, Sonalā¤