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How to create a productive workspace!

Hi guys!
Today, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to create a productive workspace.
Tip 1 : If it’s possible within the space you have choose one space that’s dedicated only to working. This way your mind will associate the spot with studying, doing work or just focusing in general That way it’ll be easier for you to slip into the focused mindset whenever you sit down there.

Tip 2: Use natural lighting whenever it’s possible natural sunlight has a lot of health benefits Like vitamin D And helping you sleep, and it also increases productivity. If you can’t use natural lighting for example if you’re studying at night Make sure your space is well-lit with a lamp. That way you don’t have to strain your eyes.

Tip 3: Use vertical storage whenever possible this way everything is easy to access. It’s a lot harder to pull things out of the bottom of a stack Versus just taking things out in your vertical storage method The goal is to reduce the difficulty for you to get what you need Because we’re all lazy and want to take the path of least resistance So you want to create as little resistance as possible between you and the supplies you need Going along with that you should also have all of your necessities within arm’s reach .

Tip 4: Again, to create less resistance My 4th tip would be to use a standing desk. This isn’t possible for everyone, but if you can I definitely recommend using one standing desks are shown to increase productivity and there are a lot of health benefits. Another way to make you more physically comfortable is to have a comfortable chair at a good height be especially mindful of the computer height because you don’t want to hurt your neck and back when you’re craning over to look at your computer.

Tip 5: Tip 5th is to keep a water bottle nearby. This way you can stay hydrated because it’s hard to focus if you’re dehydrated because your mind won’t be working as well as usual.

Tip 6: Remove distractions, for example turn off notifications on your phone. You can do this using the Do Not Disturb mode and put your phone far away so it’s hard for you to go get it but the goal is to make it hard for you to get distracted because again We’re all lazy and don’t want to go out of our way.

Tip 7: Remove clutter- Visual clutter will take up space in your mind even if you don’t think it does by removing the clutter it’ll be easier for you to focus and it’ll be easier for you to find the supplies that you need because there aren’t piles of junk all over your desk.

Tip 8: Keep your to-do list, calendar or planner nearby. This way it’s easy for you to know what you need to do that way you can actually do it.

Tip 9: Control the noise that’s in your study space. I personally prefer silence, but when there’s a lot of noise outside, use noise cancellation earphones.

Tip 10: My last tip is to use essential oils and a diffuser to create scents that will promote productivity. So lavender essential oil can help you relax and peppermint & citrus can wake you up which can help increase your focus.

I hope you found this post helpful And be sure to check out the resources that I have linked in the description.
See you next time!
Love, Sonalā¤